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  • nitrous oxide, N2O
nitrous oxide, N2O

nitrous oxide, N2O

     nitrous oxide


Nitrous oxide
laughing gas, nitrogen monoxide

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Cylinder capacity

8L, 40L, 47L

 Anestheticthe nitrous oxide is one of the medical anesthetics, used in the dentistry and surgical operation.

 Food: it is approved by some countries as an additive to cream-related food such as pastry and the cream, after uinjected with laughing gas becomes expandable for easy carving, tasting sweet and more delicious.

 Electronics: high purity nitrous oxide is applied to the production of microelectronics and photoelectron. For example, the gas is reacted to form membrane of silicon oxide, deposed to the silicon substrate as a buffer to forestall the harmful impurities’ penetration.

 Rocket propulsion and automobile racing: nitrous oxide is in excellent nature of nontoxicity, high specific impulse and simple mode of use, paving the way of substituting the traditional propellants in spacecrafts. N2O is injected into cylinders in a state of liquid with high pressure for the purpose of obtaining efficiency of motor engine in the drag races. Being a burning facilitator along with air, it is mixed with fuel through the process of combustion, giving out oxygen and nitrogen in which the former is the combustion improver and latter assisting the temperature cooling so as to reinforce the completeness of fuel combustion, finally the power is boosted. 

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