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carbon tetrafluoride, CF4 | nitrous oxide, N2O | mononitrogen monoxide (NO) | sulphur hexafluoride,SF6 | dinitrogen tetroxide, nitrogen dioxide | Hexafluoropropylene, HFP | antimony pentafluoride, SbF5 | boron trichloride, BCL3 | hydrogen chloride, HCL | ethylene, C2H4 | carbon dioxide | krypton , Kr | trifluoromethane, CHF3 | carbon monoxide | helium | methane CH4 | molybdenum hexafluoride MOF6 | silicon tetrafluoride sif4 | isobutane, R600A, C4H10 | nitrous oxide (small cylinders) | cream charger of nitrous oxide | Bromine trifluoride BrF3 | fluorite | iodine pentafluoride | silane | cylinder | high pressure gas cylinders |

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Welcome to our website | Welcome to our website | Welcome to our website | Welcome to our website | Welcome to our website | Tianjin Summit Chemical & Gases Company | Summit Chemical & Gases Company starts its service to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS | C4F7N, a brand-new environmentally friendly gas manufactured this year | 70000 NM3/h ASU put into operation successfully in ZhongKe refinery | No D ASU restarted up after overhauling in Yangzhi-BOC, Nanjing | 40000 M3/h ASU in initial Operation with Rare Gases Produced in July 2020 | New Facility of Producing and Extracting Helium completed in Ning'xia China | new extracting and purification equipment of xenon and krypton signed into agreement | SbF5, antimony pentafluoride delivered to a new customer | Fluorosulfonic acid is manufactured for a regular customer | smt completes its first export of nitrous oxide overseas in June 2021 | New N2O, Nitrous Oxide Line Is Put into Opertion | ZhongTai Cryogenic Technology Corporation Limited plans to invest a set of 35000 M3/hour air separation unit(ASU) | Development & info about the nitrous oxide manufacturers in China in December 2021 | Cong'qing is to build a set of plant to recover the helium from the purge gas | Production of Rare Gases in China in the Year of 2022 |