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  • boron trichloride, BCL3
boron trichloride, BCL3

boron trichloride, BCL3

     boron trichloride


boron trichloride

Cas No.


Molecular formula



99.9 ~99.999

Cylinder capacity

10L, 40L, 47L, t-tank

(1) high purity boron trichloride is mainly used for (silicon) semiconductor device manufacturing process of diffusion doping (generated under high temperature, after the decomposition of boron impurity into silicon diffusion, formation of p-type semiconductors), ion implantation (as a source of ion implantation, under the action of high boron atom ionization, boron ion beam and injection of p-type silicon formation shallow junction), dry etching (used for Al, MoSi2, TaSi2, TiSi2, Wsi materials such as etching) such as process;(2) BCL3 can be used as a good catalyst in many organic reactions (such as styrene polymerization is recommended, can improve the yield and efficiency) and as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry;(3) The basic material used for the preparation of organic boron: ethyl borane; Borate, etc. Used for preparation of inorganic boron compounds: boron fiber, BN fiber precursor, BN crucible, , high purity boron powder (amorphous and crystalline), BN, BC4, TiB2 ultrafine powder; CVD coating and coating process: coating B, BC4, BN, TiB2 and other protective coatings and films; Boron trichloride is a basic material for optical fiber; In addition, it can also be used in manufacturing solar cell components and other technological processes. Curing agent for epoxy resin, The boriding process of carbon fiber graphitization. (4) Can also be used in metal smelting such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloy purification process (can remove the nitride, carbide and oxide in the molten metal. The properties of aluminum castings can be improved by treating molten aluminum with boron trichloride gas. (5) Used as flux for aluminum, iron, zinc, manganese, tungsten, monel and other alloys. (6) Used to extinguish the Mg fire in the heat treatment furnace.(7) In high-energy fuels and rocket propellants, boron trichloride is used as a boron source to increase BTU value.

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