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  • carbon tetrafluoride, CF4
carbon tetrafluoride, CF4

carbon tetrafluoride, CF4

 carbon tetrafluoride, tetrafluoromethane


carbon tetrafluoride

Cas No.


Molecular formula



99.9~ 99.9999

Cylinder capacity

8L, 40L, 47L / or tank

 CF4 at high purity can be supplied from our company, and this product is widely used in the micro-electronics industry while its ordinary grade used in the refrigeration field.

CF4, carbon tetrafluoride(tetrafluoromethane) is the gas in the largest consumption as an etchant in the micro-electronics or IC manufacturing industry, and often mixed with high purity oxygen in the etching process. It is specified as follows:


Widely used in the etching to the silicon, silicon oxide, silicon nitride, phosphosilicate glass and tungsten membrane. As to the system of silicon and silicon dioxide, it is adjusted between the hydrogen and tetrafluoromethane in a proportion from 1% to 45%, and proved a very efficient etching to the thin film of silicon dioxide (silica) in the process of grid electrode of the polysilicon.


CF4 is used to clean the surface of electronic devices, manufacture the photovoltaic cell, laser technique, gaseous insulation, cryogenic making, leaking detection, space rocket posing control, and in the PCB decontamination.


Owing to its strong stability, it is used in the industries of plastics and metal smelting. The carbon tetrafluoride can dissolve in oxygen, thus the scientists use it to replace the ordinary compressed air in the test of super-diving, indicating a good result that the mice is still able to access to safety from the depth between 275 m and 366m.


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