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  • iodine pentafluoride
iodine pentafluoride

iodine pentafluoride

 Property of iodine pentafluoride

The iodine pentafluoride, with its chemical formula as IF5, is a colorless liquid, emitting the smog in the air. Other indices are: relative density 3.19(at temperature of 25), melting point 9.43boiling point 100.5 and the saturated steam pressure 1333Pa8.5.  It may be strongly reactive with water and promote the flame and erode the glass while touching with the flammable or organic materials. The iodine pentafluoride is a strong oxide can be explosively reactive with water despite itself non-combustible property. The haloid compounds of iodine is comparatively more reactive, more explosive, more irritating, and corrosive. The material is severely irritating and erosive to the skin, eye and mucosa after being inhaled.

Usage of iodine pentafluoride

The fluorinating agent typical of iodine pentafluoride, is drastically used in the process of fluorinated plastics, fluorinate rubber, surfactant, medical field. The IF5, iodine pentafluoride, as a stable and storable origin of liquid fluorine, is seldom bonded or combined with other fluoride and therefore used as a intermediate

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